Your Home’s Energy Use

Your home uses energy every day, all day long. To understand where energy is being used in your home, refer back to your Home Energy Report provided to you by your home inspector.

It uses energy to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It uses energy to provide you with light when you need it. It uses energy to provide you with hot water. And it uses energy to run all of your appliances and home electronics.

This online book will teach you how to use the energy in your home more efficiently. You can also learn how to use renewable energy to provide your home with electricity, heating, cooling, and water heating.

For example, an average household dedicates 6% of its energy budget to lighting. Using newer “green” lighting technologies can reduce the lighting energy use in your home by 50% to 75%.

By following just a few of the simple tips found in this e-book, you can make your home more comfortable and easier to heat and cool—while you save money.

We encourage you to keep reading and make the recommended home energy improvements that will help you save money by saving energy.