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While reading this e-book, please refer back to your Home Energy Report. This e-book is a companion to your Home Energy Report provided to you by your InterNACHI-certified home inspector. To access your Home Energy Report, please use the URL link provided by your inspector.  To find an InterNACHI-Certified Home Inspector who provides a Home […]

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Low-Cost and No-Cost Ways to Save Energy

Here are several do-it-yourself tips to save energy right now, including easy low-cost and no-cost ways to save energy. Install a programmable thermostat to lower utility bills and manage your heating and cooling systems efficiently. Replace lamps in your older indoor and outdoor incandescent lighting fixtures with energy-saving incandescent, CFL, and LED light bulbs. Upgrading […]

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Solar-Powered Outdoor Lighting

Solar-Powered Outdoor Lighting Installing solar lighting around your home and garden is quick and easy to install, with an added bonus—no wires or electricity costs! You have many options for using renewable energy at home—from solar-powered outdoor lights to buying renewable energy from your local utility provider, or even producing solar electricity at home with […]

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LEDs and CFLs—Two Bright Ideas! Making improvements to your lighting is one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bills. An average household dedicates 11% of its energy budget to lighting. Using new lighting technologies can reduce lighting energy use in your home by 50% to 75%. ENERGY STAR-qualified lighting provides bright, warm light […]

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